Madd Capp Checkers: Dog Edition

Madd Capp Games

$ 19.99 
Ages 8 and up / 2 players

A Game for Fans of Checkers . . . and dogs! Madd Capp Checkers adds a strategic twist, more risk, and more fun…it's "Checkers with POP!" What's the twist? A unique dice popper means you can move your own dog bowls and even your opponent's bowls. Cross the Madd Capp checker board and get “kinged” with what every dog craves…a bone! Capture all of your opponent’s dog bowls and you win!

The challenge is maddening!

12 Red Dog Bowl Checkers
1 Dice Popper (contains 3 dice)
12 Tan Dog Bowl Checkers
1 Madd Capp Checkerboard
10 Dog Bone Crowns

Madd Capp Checkers for Dog Lovers Directions