Bernie & John Moran come from a family of five boys. Growing up in New England, the Moran family loved to compete. It didn’t matter if that competition was played on the gridiron, on a basketball court, at the dining room table with a deck of cards or sitting over a checker board playing checkers.  The foundation for Madd Capp Games was laid in their earliest childhood memories.

Bernie & John took different paths to ultimately arrive at the doorstep of their company – Bernie traveled the corporate route after graduating from college and earning his MBA. He worked 25 years with the Coca-Cola Company and John embraced the entrepreneurial spirit after graduating from college and going to business school. John has worked for over 25 years in the gift and toy industry.  Both Bernie & John had always harbored a dream to work together and share their time and talents.  When the door opened in 2012 the two brothers walked through it with their first enterprise – Madd Capp Checkers – Dog Lovers Edition. The game debuted in Baltimore, MD at the ASTRA Marketplace.  Since that first step, Madd Capp Games has grown from two board games to a line of over 20 products that include board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles.

Never short on ideas, the principals of Madd Capp Games are committed and passionate entrepreneurs who love creating moments where the entire family can come together for fun.  Bernie and John also share a passion for conservation and the protection of wild animals.  They are both members of the Defenders of Wildlife

Whether you are an avid jigsaw enthusiast looking to be challenged, a grand parent spending quality time with the grand children playing cards that ignite their imagination or a parent who breaks out a board game that doesn’t take hours to understand and play. Madd Capp Games has just what you are looking for in those moments. Let us help you create special memories for your family that will last a lifetime.  Come celebrate your thing.

Bernie and his wife Bobbi have four children: Conor, Samantha, Caroline, Jack and their dog – Boomer.

John and his wife Beth Ann have three children: Julia, Mateo, Luke and their dog – Remy.

Both families love spending time together and trying the latest ideas for games that the brothers have cooked up.