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Safety first.
We play by the rules. We follow best practices to produce our games and puzzles under stringent quality guidelines. Our products are thoroughly tested to meet or exceed consumer toy safety standards for materials, labeling, age grading, etc. Madd Capp is in full compliance with U.S., E.U., and other international safety regulations. Certificates of Compliance are on file.
Make it right.
When you're happy, we're happy! We put our hearts and souls into each design decision, every phase of production. We work hard to get it right, right from the get go. Most days, things go as planned. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, something goes wrong. If you had an issue with a Madd Capp game or puzzle, we want to know, so we can make it right. Then we'll get right back to work!
New on the menu!
We keep one eye on inventory, the other on innovation. When we know what you like, we know what to make. We've got endless ideas for new puzzles and games, but creativity calls for collaboration. So tell us... Which animals do you love? What's your favorite piece count? Which game is your go-to? What puzzle's next on your list? Give us your feedback, we'll make it fun!
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