The coolest video of our I AM Cow puzzle! Take a look. 


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Full review of I Am Owl by Madd Capp: As you can see in my time lapse, I struggled when I started this surprisingly challenging puzzle. It took me until day 3 to really make progress. Usually I can complete a 550 piece puzzle in about 2 hours. Due to the unique shape and details, this one took longer. The pieces are perfect in terms solid size and thickness. They also fit snugly and I was able to pick the puzzle up sans glue when I finished. One drawback was the limited number of shapes. Majority of the pieces were one of 2 shapes. I did put pieces in the wrong spot several times. There was also a very distinct pattern for the puzzle shape in the columns. That being said, I still found the puzzle to be enjoyable and challenging. I just used a flashlight a few times and picked my pieces up to check for accuracy of placement. See picture 2 for the piece shapes. A really fun addition in the box is not only a full size poster but also several facts about owls. See picture 3 for owl facts. Great puzzle for an animal lover! 

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Check out our I AM Owl 550 piece puzzle being done by Diane!  We love seeing customers post videos of them doing our puzzles. Post on Instagram and tag us @maddcapppuzzles to be featured as a Champion Puzzler! 


Look as our I AM Bear 550 piece puzzle is put together over an awesome time-lapse! 

Watch as one of our lovely customers puts together the I AM Elephant 700 piece puzzle by using her go-pro to film!

Can you spot the furry friend that pops in to help?