Madd Capp School Partnerships

Madd Capp Games is always eager to partner with educators and parents who are looking to bring innovative new products into their school community. See how Madd Capp Games can fit into your school this year!

1. Family Game Night Unplugged

Here at Madd Capp, we believe a game night is a wonderful way to bring families together in a fun and educational setting. Not only will it foster the community spirit within your school, but it will show your students the importance of non-digital fun.

As part of Family Game Night, Madd Capp Games will provide a variety of unique checker games and card games for your school community to unwind and spend quality time together. To help you plan, Madd Capp Games will supply flyer templates to promote your event and “I'm unplugged” stickers for all participants. In addition, all participants will receive a discount code to purchase additional Madd Capp Games via the website!

The rules for the evening are simple: have fun, meet new people, and most importantly, put your electronics away!

For more information on partnering with Madd Capp to host Family Game Name Unplugged, please reach out to Bernie at  

2. Fundraisers for the PTA

Is your PTA board looking for some fresh fundraising ideas for this school year? Look no further! Madd Capp Checkers "Checkers with a Twist," Madd Capp Card games and Madd Capp puzzles are fun activities for the entire family. All our games are easy to explain, learn and sell. As a company, Madd Capp Games believes in traditional family fun. We encourage and endorse the idea of playing together without the use of electronic entertainment. Forget about the candy, wrapping paper, and candles this year. Go for something uniquely special and different. Celebrate your thing, join the maddness and fundraise with products that your PTA believes in!

Madd Capp fundraising is super easy because it’s almost all digital! Use codes for online purchases and we’ll track everything for you! Contact for more information on partnering with us to raise money for your school community!

Do you have another partnership idea? We would love to hear from you! Send your ideas to or call our toll-free, customer service team at 1-855-2Go-Madd.