Madd Capp Dog Pound

Madd Capp Games

$ 9.99 

A canine catching card game where people bear a strange resemblance to their dogs. Doggone-it! The dogs are loose! Can your keen eye detect which dog belongs to its look-a-like owner? Be careful! There’s a sneaky dog catcher running loose who will try to catch all the dogs...and fire hydrants and dog biscuits that drive all the pooches wild! Match the most people with their pets and WIN! All playing cards are die cut in the shape of Rover’s favorite treat, a dog biscuit.

Shuffle, Play, Smile.

20 Dog Cards
2 Dog Catcher Cards
20 Dog Owner Cards
2 Fire Hydrant Cards
4 Dog Biscuit Cards

Madd Capp Dog Pound: A Dog Catching Card Game Directions